Mealtime independence and dignity

BESTIC® - The next generation eating assistive device,
lifts the food from the plate to your mouth.
Easy to use, nicely designed and controlled by YOU

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Low sounding motors and gears with optimized motor controllers makes for a quiet experience.

5 hours battery life

The built in battery lasts multiple meals before having to recharge, enabling you to eat with Bestic anywhere you go.

Store up to 4 profiles

Share a Bestic between multiple users or store different settings for e.g. breakfast and lunch.

Light weight & portable

Weighs 4.4 lbs and comes with a backpack for restaurant visits and other outings.

Bestic in press and media

Information Week has ranked Bestic as one of the
"Ten medical robots that could change healthcare"

U.S TV-stations ABC 5 and Fox 9
have both featured Bestic in their broadcasts.

Our vision is to create an independent and positive
mealtime experience for everyone!

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